How to Plant Herbs in Your Kitchen Garden

Although this step can seem intimidating at first, it’s not that difficult to get your Kitchen Garden started. Once the initial steps listed below are completed, you simply need to water when needed and wait for your herbs to begin sprouting to life. Depending on the herb, you could have fresh cooking ingredients within just […]

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5 Easiest Garden Herbs to Grow

When it comes to knowing which garden herbs to grow, there is a long list to choose from. In this article we’ll cover five of the easiest to start with. Did you know, there are several reasons why herb gardens are commonly called ‘kitchen gardens’? The most obvious, you can grow herbs right in your […]

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10 Most Popular Herbal Teas & Health Benefits

For centuries, herbal teas have been used for a multitude of different illnesses and conditions. Different cultures believed certain teas helped ward off evil of the body and mind, where others believe certain herbal teas were cure-all capable of healing an individual of any sickness. In today’s world, however, we are able to scientifically prove […]

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Does Sleepytime Tea Really Work?

We have all experienced the nights of endless insomnia like symptoms. You know the nights where you are lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling and wishing for sleep to come. You find yourself counting sheep, only for the sheep to be playing trumpets in your head preventing you from that much-needed rest after […]

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What is Herbal Tea?

What is Herbal Tea?
Although herbal tea is not officially a tea because it does not come from the Camellia sinensis plant, it is very popular. Herbal tea blends fruits, leaves, roots, bark, or edible flowers to create an infusion from non-tea plants. Some of the more common herbal teas include Hibiscus tea, chamomile tea, yerba […]

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19 Popular Herbal Teas That Are Beneficial To Your Health

People have been drinking herbal teas for more than 5,000 years, and it could be the oldest beverage in history. It originated in China, where it was consumed for medicinal purposes. There is no reason to emphasize on the health benefits that come from black and green teas. Tea is beneficial to health in many […]

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The Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

What is it that comes to mind each morning upon awakening? For most people, it is a steaming hot brew of tea. However, these day’s many people are drinking artificially flavored teas. To top it off, the tea is being drained of all the benefits that come from drinking it. This is caused from all […]

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