Which One Is Healthier, Tea or Coffee?

In today’s world there is news everyday announcing a new product that has amazing health benefits of one type or another. The question left unanswered is: which is the healthiest to drink, coffee or tea? Some people like drinking coffee and feel it is the healthiest. Meanwhile, others drink tea and feel it is the […]

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The Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

What is it that comes to mind each morning upon awakening? For most people, it is a steaming hot brew of tea. However, these day’s many people are drinking artificially flavored teas. To top it off, the tea is being drained of all the benefits that come from drinking it. This is caused from all […]

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Top 10 Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea Lovers of the world unite when you purchase them the most unique tea gifts. Each one of these gifts for tea lovers ideas will keep your tea lover wanting more and loving their gift more than anything else. The following gifts, along with many other tea related products are great for gifting to friends, […]

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The Various Types of Tea

Tea is considered the most ancient beverage in the world, and it is just made by soaking dried leaves in hot or cold water. There are a lot of people who choose to drink tea instead of drinking coffee because there are certain blends that are very refreshing without having the same level of caffeine. […]

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5 Popular Coffee and Tea Trends

When it comes to the food service industry, coffee and tea remain a segment that is constantly growing. Sales at coffee houses were over $21 million for 2016 alone. The market really faces some competition from retail products such as ready to drink coffees. Despite the challenges, coffee houses have managed to stay a step […]

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