Just got to have that hot cup of coffee in the mornings, but need to reduce your intake? There are coffee substitutes that may help. Truth of the matter is, you probably do not want to give it up, huh? That might be alright, if you only have a limit of one cup per day. However, when you drink a few more cups throughout your day. The caffeine can start to mess with your moods. Even later at night when you know what you need to be doing is sleeping, but you can’t. Not to mention the acid indigestion from the acid contained in coffee.

When wanting that feeling you get when having a warm cup of coffee, try something different. Try something that does not consist of caffeine or acid. Instead, you can grab one of these four coffee substitutes for kicking caffeine. They are not that bad either.

Kicking Caffeine with Coffee Substitutes

1. Teeccino

One of the sweetest coffee substitutes on our list, is Teeccino. The ingredients include carob, dates, almonds, and some others. This coffee substitute is not overly sweet, with only 12 calories in 8-ounces. This allows you to indulge until your heart is content. It comes in single serving packages, loose and various varieties. The variety of Maya Chocolate contains some Chile heat and the Hazelnut is another favorite.

2. Cafix Crystals

Cafix crystals has an appearance of freeze-dried coffee crystals. It is made of a mixture of rye, barley, sugar beets, and chicory. It mostly has a taste of grains, that have been roasted and toasted. It is not exactly sweet. You’ll find this coffee substitute quick to brew, by simply pouring boiling water over the crystals and stirring. You will have yourself a delicious drink to warm up with in seconds. Just stir in more, or stir in a little less depending how strong or weak you want your brew.

3. Ayurvedic Roast

Ayurvedic Roast has several good health benefits and the great flavor of coffee. This coffee substitute contains the Ayurvedic herbs of Shatavari, Brahmi, and Ashwaganha. Its flavor is close to that of Cafix, only fresher. It is much more aromatic due to a shorter processing time than others. The contents of herbs and grains it consists of have only been roasted and grounded up.

The preparing of this coffee alternative does take more time and effort. It can be served by steeping as if it were a loose tea product. If you’re looking for a brew with a medium body, it can be boiled in the water itself. Whichever way you decide on having it, it is still going to have that toasted flavor. The French vanilla is one of many popular varieties.

4. Art of Tea – Chocolate Monkey Rooibos Fusion

Although not a coffee, Rooibos is a great coffee substitute. Rooibos is a tea blend that’s more robust than a regular herbal tea. The blend Art of Tea offers with their Chocolate Monkey is quite complex. It gives off a nice and inviting aroma, with dried banana, apple, pink peppercorns, and cacao nibs. While Rooibos is a more translucent and lighter brew than any other of the coffee substitutes on our list. Many prefer it by itself, or with some almond milk and honey.

Have you had to reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet? If so, how did you do it?