When it comes to the food service industry, coffee and tea remain a segment that is constantly growing. Sales at coffee houses were over $21 million for 2016 alone. The market really faces some competition from retail products such as ready to drink coffees. Despite the challenges, coffee houses have managed to stay a step ahead by offering new and innovative beverages. Coffee houses all over the United States have been brewing up some new stuff, and below are 2017’s top 5 coffee and tea trends.

Coffee and Tea Trends

  1. Nitro Cold Brew Has Gone Mainstream

2017 is the breakout year for nitro coffee. Basically, nitro coffee is cold brew coffee that has nitrogen added to it to produce a drink that has a naturally creamy feel. Introduced several years ago, coffee lovers are finally becoming more aware of nitro as a ready to drink beverage. Now, nitro coffee has really become mainstream thanks to Starbucks, which rolled it out in certain stores across the nation.

  1. Cutting Waste by using Cascara

Consumers are really concerned with food waste and chefs have found a new way to reuse or even re-purposed ingredients to reduce waste. That is where the Cascara trend comes into play. It is a coffee and tea hybrid that has a slightly bitter and tart flavor made from coffee cherry skins. Although it is a newer niche, it is on the rise.

  1. New Wave Processing

The past 10 years was characterized by growth from coffee houses. These establishments focused on where the coffee came from and how it is prepared. While this is still a big trend, more coffee houses are focusing on the processing part. There are even some brands that highlight the fermentation process that occurs.

  1. Booze and Coffee

There are a lot of millennials that are wanting to see more coffee houses serving alcohol. While pairing coffee with alcohol isn’t new, bars are starting to use coffee in new and interesting ways for cocktails. The coffee cocktails are becoming a lot more complex as they use various types of coffee to a bigger degree.

  1. Purposeful Tea

There are a lot of consumers that are searching for drinks that provide a functional benefit, like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, relaxing, or energy boosting. Functional teas are best for those who are looking to have a better healthier lifestyle. There are many people who would be willing to pay more if their tea or coffee had added health benefits.

Know of other popular coffee and tea trends, or have a coffee, tea or hybrid recipe to share? Let us know in the comments below!