Now days, you are able to get a subscription to about anything. From ammo, to zoology magazines, you are able to invest in subscriptions that deliver straight to your front door. Why not invest into a coffee subscription? You drink coffee, you have to buy it from somewhere anyway. Even for the occasional cup of coffee-loving individual, why not just invest in a monthly box of coffee that can be fresh, and bolder from a direct source. Rather than the packaged caffeine that they sell at the grocery.

The Process

First off, there are very few differences between the services that you can choose from. They all send out shipments of coffee on a regular scheduled basis. One of the differing factors is the type of coffee that they send out. Some coffee subscriptions send out the same coffee from the roaster each month, others like to mix it up with different roasters or flavors.

Blue Bottle is a famous San Francisco based roaster, with their subscription you are delivered fresh beans from the roaster. Other services, give you a couple different bags a month. There are even subscription services that allow you to pick coffee from different vendors, then they will make suggestions based on your previous selections.

The Pros and Cons


  • You will always have coffee
  • A fresher selection
  • Discovery of new brands
  • One less thing to pick up from the grocery
  • Rare beans
  • A variety of coffee to try


  • Not Ideal for non-explorative coffee drinkers
  • Extra costs to shipping (Sometimes)
  • Some coffees aren’t very cheap

The Average Subscription

It is easy to say that you receive coffee in the coffee subscription, but how much coffee and what else? Companies like Blue Bottle send tasting notes, and delicious 12oz bags of their coffee. Whereas, some other subscriptions will send you 8 oz. bags from various different roasters, tips on tasting and brewing for the specific bag, with added features to interest you. The prices vary on subscription, and the amount you prefer. A little research would show that the average falls between $20 to $30 dollars. This is also dependent on where you live, and where the coffee is coming from.

To Drink, or Not

Looking at the pros and cons of the coffee subscription, which we are sure you could find more pros to add to the list, it seems like a no brainer. For the avid drinker of coffee, and aficionado of flavors, investing in the right subscription is the way to go. To experience the different flavors from around the country, even the world with some subscriptions, is the way to go. Not so much if you are a one cup every so often drinker.

Everyone has their own opinion on the coffee subscriptions, what are yours? Do you think they are worth investing in, or just a waste of money?