When it comes to French press brewing, there are a lot of first time users that have a lot of questions about the best ways to use them, how to care for the French press, and much more. Below are the most common French press brewing questions. They should help to get a better understanding of the French Press.

How to measure coffee grounds per cup?

It will depend. Many coffee cups will range between 5 to 8 ounces for a cup of coffee. When it comes to the standard brewing with your French press, then you will want to keep in mind that it’s one rounded tablespoon for every 4 ounces of water. So, if your cup is 8 ounces, you will need to use 2 tablespoons. Using too much coffee and not enough water, will cause the brew to be quite bitter.

How do you wash a French press?

You can wash it just like any other type of dish that you have in your house. When you first purchase your French press, it will have a cleaning manual that will instruct you on how to take it apart to clean. It is a simple process, such as removing the plunger and lid, and removing the mesh. Then hand washing with warm water and dish soap.

There are some French press’s that are actually dish washer safe. However, if you commonly brew two or more times per day you may find hand washing to be best.

What type of grind is best for French press brewing?

When it comes to French press brewing, the size of the coffee ground will need to be coarse enough that it will not go through the plunger or filter. The filter is quite fine, so that the coffee may be grinded to use as drip coffee as well. The most vital part is to make sure that you have an even ground. This means you will need to have a quality coffee grinder.

Although, you may have a local coffee shop that has a great coffee grinder, ensuring you get the right ground for your coffee. If the coffee is too coarsely ground, the extraction of the coffee will not work right. This results in your coffee being too weak, and not be bold enough. It will basically be colored water.

Is a dark roast or light roast better?

This is actually all based on personal preferences. The reality of the whole matter is that, any type of roast will be great for a French press, long as you match your coffee grinds to your filter type. If coffee grinds are too coarse or too fine for your filter type, it can cause clogging, or even worse coffee grounds in your brew. Many people prefer to use their French press to brew darker roasts, but that is just because that is what they are used to.

Where can you find a great French Press Brewing Machine?

There are many places that sell quality French press brewing machines. Many online marketplaces have a wide selection to choose from. Currently, the two most popular are the Kona and SterlingPro.

Can you use your French press for brewing things other than coffee?

Great question, the answer is yes. You can use a French press for brewing tea in the same method as your coffee. It can be used like a tea infuser to brew your favorite loose tea.

When brewing tea in a French press, you may notice that tea keeps steeping after the plunger is depressed. This results in the tea becoming bitter as it sits. To avoid this issue, one option is to simply pour the brewed tea into a pot or container to drink throughout the day.