At this point, if you’re a coffee lover or caffeine addict like me, you’ve heard about Death Wish Coffee. It is marketed as the world’s strongest coffee. The question is, will it really work and help keep you going throughout the day? Well, I finally broke down and bought some a few days ago. Here’s my experience:


First Thoughts:

The packaging did not have any caffeine information that I could find. This made me wonder if the “strongest coffee in the world” was a vague expression for the strongest ‘tasting’ coffee in the world, rather than caffeine content. This thought was quickly followed by “wait, why pay $18 for 18 k-cups if you’re not sure?”

So, I did what any reasonable person would do – researched. I found many online retailers selling it as “highest-caffeine coffee”, but very few sources stating the caffeine content.



Is Death Wish Really High-Caffeine?

According to, Death Wish Coffee boasts a high-caffeine level of 60.7 mg per OUNCE. That’s about the average for an entire cup of coffee like Folgers or Maxwell House!


Let’s do the math:

1 cup = 8oz

8oz x 60.7 mg = 485.6 mg of caffeine per cup


For comparison:

  • Red Bull (12fl oz) – 113.5 mg
  • Monster (16fl oz) – 160 mg
  • Bang (16 fl oz) – 300 mg
  • Death Wish (8 fl oz) – 485.6 mg


Death Wish Coffee Guarantee

After researching, I also contacted the company to ask if they may have a trial size. I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on spending money on something that may end up in the trash. I was reassured if I didn’t like it for any reason, they would either refund me, provide in-store credit on their website, or ship me out a replacement.

So, I decided to give it a try!


My First Impression with Death Wish

I liked the k-cup design, but would I like what it contained? I’m not the ‘drink it strong and black’ kind of guy. Honestly, I add creamer and sugar to my everyday coffee, how would the world’s strongest coffee taste?

I waited for it to brew, and against my better judgement I tried it black… Wow, it was actually smooth. Still not my preference, but worst case I could probably drink it black if needed, which is rare!

Robusta Coffee Beans

One reason Death Wish contains more caffeine is due to the coffee bean used. Most average blends use 100% Arabica, which provides a decent cup of coffee, but not high-caffeine levels.

Death Wish is made from Robusta coffee beans, which are naturally higher in caffeine. Of course, other things could have an impact such as roasting method, brewing method, and cup size.


Did It Work?

Considering I’m usually dosing off or in bed by 10pm – 11pm, and I was up until around 4am before I could finally shut down – I’d say, yep sure did. But, like Billie May’s would say “that’s not all” …

When I woke up only a few hours later (3-4hrs?), I felt more awake than usual right from the start. In fact, I questioned if I even needed my regular cup of coffee!


Final Thoughts

I bought the 18 pack K-cups, costing me around $18 at the time. This seemed a bit pricey at the time (I’m use to $6 for a can of Folders and Maxwell House). I quickly decided, for an average of $1 per cup it was well worth having on hand.

I wouldn’t recommend drinking Death Wish on a daily basis because of the high caffeine level. I plan to use it as an alternative to energy drinks, maybe it will be a little healthier? Either way, when you break it down it provides twice the caffeine 2-4x less ($1/cup vs $2 – $4/can).

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