Although this step can seem intimidating at first, it’s not that difficult to get your Kitchen Garden started. Once the initial steps listed below are completed, you simply need to water when needed and wait for your herbs to begin sprouting to life. Depending on the herb, you could have fresh cooking ingredients within just a couple of weeks!

Planting Steps:

  1. To start, simply fill your prefered container (cups, pots, etc.) with soil. There are various types of soil mixtures, ideally you want two parts potting soil, one-part sand.
  2. When choosing containers, you should use containers that have drainage holes in the bottom. Prior to planting, soak seeds in water for 1-2hrs to give them a boost.
  3. After soaking, simply place seeds in soil. Rule of thumb is to push seeds into soil roughly 3x the seed’s size.
  4. To ensure the plant gets the most sunshine, place it in a west or south-facing window.
  5. Plants should be watered when top of soil is dry.

When to Harvest Herbs From Your Garden

Unlike other plants, herbs can be harvested soon as the first flower begins to bud, to being fully open. During this phase the leaves have the most amount of volatile oils (flavor). When harvesting, avoid cutting too much off the plant so it continues to grow and produce.

When you need fresh herbs from the garden, it is best to harvest sparingly, cutting a couple springs or leaves per plant. If you cut too many at once it will take longer for the plants to recover, faster recovery means a higher yield.

When to Harvest

If you have a choice of what time of day to harvest your herbs, it is best if harvesting is done in early morning or evening time. The reason, when trimming your herbs, it exposes the crop, increasing risk of drying out oils in the plant through the mid-day sun and heat.

How to Harvest Herbs From Your Garden

Harvesting should be done with a sharp knife or scissors to make sure a clean-cut. When harvesting herbs, you simply cut off what is needed. If more than a couple leaves are required for a dish, try to collect from different plants.

When harvesting, be sure to cut 4 to 6 inches above the plant’s base to ensure plant health.

Do you have experience with growing herbs in a kitchen garden? We would enjoy hearing about your tips in the comments below!