The Keurig Mini K15 is the smallest k-cup coffee maker, making it easier to move around your kitchen as needed while taking up limited space. It stands about 10.8 inches high, and almost 7 inches wide. Though it doesn’t have some features that other models offer, it can use any regular k-cup, off brand included. It also allows you to use your own coffee with the use of reusable filter k-cups. The price for the Keurig Mini K15 is more affordable than others at roughly $100.

Aside from being affordable and easily placed/moved around, it is also exceptionally easy to use. Though it takes a minute to warm up the water for your coffee. If you are an all-day coffee drinker, the capacity of the Keurig Mini K15’s water reservoir might not be for you. This is because this coffee maker is a one cup stop. For the morning drinker or those who enjoy a cup of tea or cocoa on occasion, this k-cup coffee maker is ideal for you.


The operation of the Keurig Mini K15 is simplistic and effective. Simply inserting the k-cup, the desired amount of water, and pressing of two buttons is all it takes to brew your favorite coffee/tea. As stated before, it does take a minute to heat the water up, though that doesn’t make it undesirable or inconvenient by any means. A more in-depth direction to working the Keurig Mini K15 would go like this in order, opening the reservoir and adding water and close it. Lift the handle to insert the k-cup, push it down to close it and all you have to do is press the button the says BREW. You will have your drink in about 2 minutes.

The Reservoir

The reservoir specifically, is single-use, giving you the option of a 10, 8, or 6-ounce cup size. This means that you must add the water each time you make a cup of jo. However, the cup will always be perfectly filled and full of flavor thanks to the k-cups being designed to make sure that every cup is perfect strength. On top of that, every cup is fresh thanks to this method of coffee making. Though there are no buttons that are dedicated to the size of the cup, you are able to dump the water from your mug directly into the reservoir. Inside the reservoir you find three tabs that signify the three ounces options. It isn’t fancy, but it is effective. A removable drip tray makes allows you to easily fill taller mugs up without spilling or angling them.


Unlike many other coffee makers and machines, the Keurig Mini K15 is easily attended to for cleaning. Other than cleaning the external parts and the brewer, you are able to detach the brew head with a click of a button. This makes it easier to clean. Descaling every 3 to 6 months is recommended to keep your Keurig Mini K15 in great shape. The mini comes with a limited warranty of a year, and they offer customer service 7 days a week at their listed number.


For the constant coffee drinker, maybe investing in a bigger Keurig would be ideal. The Keurig Mini K15 is designed with the occasional coffee and tea drinker in mind. That being said, it is a great product that we suggest for anyone that is wanting a quick cup of coffee in the morning without waiting for the traditional coffee pot to make.