Tea offers many health benefits, and not just from drinking it. Did you know, there are many ways to use tea? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits from other tea uses.

In the UK, tea time is often seen as a cultural affair. With the many differing types and blends, being accented upon by varying additives such as milk or lemon, tea is extravagantly wonderful. In the US, however, tea time is a bit more basic while maintaining its southern charm with sweet & sun tea.

Though it seems very basic in some corners of the world, tea is a pass time for many people. It is more than just a beverage that helps us wake up, stay up, or satisfy a thirst. To some, tea really is a way of life. Learning the different uses, medicinal teas, and best ways to infuse teas and herbs for a satisfying end, these are the interests that we share. So, we decided to make a short list of our favorite tea uses, besides just drinking. Enjoy!


Exfoliation is something that every person worries about at some point in their life. Removing dead skin, antioxidants work well in your skin as a revitalizing process that can be easier achieved with the aid of loose tea leaves. Combing the loose-leaf tea with a mild body wash, a scrub is created that helps to exfoliate your skin as you use it. That is some refreshing tea!

Facial Mask

If you are wanting to rejuvenate your skin and clear the redness in your face. You will find that if you mix together honey with loose green tea (Greek Yogurt Works well instead of honey), you have a wonderful face mask. The antioxidants and caffeine work together to clear out redness while granting that rejuvenation in your skin.

Dark Circles

We all get dark circles, be it from stress or lack of sleep, they show up under our eyes and the effect our self-esteem and make it hard to look decent for work or social affairs. However, there is a way to reduce these circles. One of the many tea uses is in fact placing damp tea bags over your eyes. It soothes them while reducing the dark circles under your eyes.


Refrigerator smells are embarrassing, and awfully clingy on the food and drink that you keep stored. Though baking soda is the go to, not everyone has baking soda on hand. However, if you just add a few tea bags into your fridge, they will soak up the rotten smells. Absorbing the odor just like baking soda would. Cheaper too, if you worry about the difference of price between tea and baking soda that is.


Knowing tea can stain your clothes and furnishings, it is a great way to use it to your advantage as well. Soaking shirts, curtains and other clothes into tea will add an instant antique look too it. Also, dipping a rag into a steeped tea then proceeding to rub hardwood floors, and tables, will add a shine as well as a slight tint in color. This can revitalize the look.

We hope you enjoyed our 5-top tea uses. There are many more properties to tea, including medicinal teas that we didn’t get to in this article. Be sure to check back frequently to learn more tips, tricks, and medicinal properties you can utilize from tea. Let us know what you think about these tea uses and enjoy!