In the past, America’s tea palate has been lacking in flavor/brand awareness. No longer just sipping generic tea bags, there has been an uprising of tea shops that are starting to make coffee shops obsolete in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Tea people, Boba Guys, The Good Sort, and MatchaBar are taking the country by storm with their expansive knowledge and selections of teas and herbal mixes.

Aside from the fact that these ‘tea bars’ and shops are becoming the place to hang out, but they are bringing a bigger variety to those who are more health conscious. Offering more choices for those curious about different teas, these shops are offering more than just a drink to easy the stress, but a whole new way of life. In honor of the U.S turning over a new leaf on their drink of choice, we have compiled a list of the top tea trends in 2017 to carry us into the new year and beyond.

#9 Home Grown Tea

The majority of tea that is grown comes from Africa, South America, and Asia. However, a small increase of farms in North America has begun to grow Camellia Sinensis shrubs. These shrub leaves produce the white, green, and black teas. Even some cutting-edge restaurants have begun to source their teas from farms in the U.S.

Lagging a bit behind the locally grown demand of fruits and produce, tea is finally starting to make its way into priority for the avid drinkers of tea in America. Though the home-grown teas aren’t necessarily as deep and complex as the foreign imported teas, it is definitely a start for the tea industry in America.

#8 The Cold-Brew

Cold-brewing is a ‘for dummies’ method of brewing undiluted iced tea. Influenced heavily by the coffee world. This sells well because of it’s fantastic way to extract a certain flavor. Longer brew times of cold-brewing promotes different tastes to be extracted. It is a very simplistic way to brew tea, while ridding yourself of the bitterness that you get from using water that is too hot.

#7 Matcha

Bottled Matcha became trendy when one of the county’s first matcha cafes opened up in 2014. Owned by Graham Fortgang, this particular matcha cafe wanted to offer a new energy through a drink that held good flavor. MatchaBar uses its own matcha blend, and in the last year, has begun to sell bottled matcha in different flavors.

Fortgang started this trend, only for brands like Nature’s Blueprint to follow his lead. No more caffeine in these drinks than what you would find in a shot of espresso, there is two grams per serving in the ceremonial-grade matcha drink. Fortgang believes that there should be more matcha on the market.

#6 New Approach to High Tea

Sweet potato doughnuts replace the cream clotted scones to bring a new age of Brooklynization towards high tea for this tea trend. The Williamsburg Hotel is serving their own kind of high tea offering teas from Japan, India, China, Taiwan, and Korea thanks to the help of their tea sommelier Stefen Ramirez. Ramirez also founded Tea Dealers, which brings the hotel all the tea from across the world.

#5 Pairing Tea

This tea trend has been going on for a few years at restaurants such as Atera, and Eleven Madison Park. Offering pairings for their tasting menus, they have a newcomer that is following their example Olmsted. The tea expert at Eleven Madison Park, Sarah Van Doren, works with the idea that tea is just as important as wine, or coffee. Offering table side presentations, these restaurants are able to offer tease from a range of varying countries with the aid of ‘In Pursuit of Tea’. From handpicked green tea, to aged Pu-erh tea from China, and even oolongs from Taiwan, these restaurants are definitely hotspots for the tea aficionado.

#4 Palate Expansion

The boundaries of the world shouldn’t stop anyone from going further and doing more, not even tea drinkers should be restrained by boundaries or tastes. People all over the world are expanding their tea palates, where bitter leaves and roots weren’t very favorable in the past, they grow wildly popular with the coming years.

One of the types of teas that are sparking this tea trend is the non-fermented green tea, Pu-erh sheng. Though, once favored to be cooked Pu-erh shou, now people are opening their minds to the bitter sheng and enjoying it.

This also goes along with tea pairings too, once you find a place for the tea in your activity and diet, you open your taste buds up to a whole new world you didn’t know was possible to visit. Bitterness was once frowned upon, associated with bad tea. Now, however, people are beginning to discover the different levels of tang and bitter, and how they are not negatives. In fact, they were positive once they found their place.

#3 Curation Lists

With all the different teas to choose from, going into a tea shop leaves you imagining an ancient scroll being unrolled for you to choose which loose leaf you would want to drink. However, one tea trend that took over in 2017 is the curated lists in the tea shops like Tea Bar. Tea Bar offers an ever-changing short list of loose leaf to choose from, with the notion in mind that less is more. Founded by Erica Indira Swanson, Tea Bar believes in quality over quantity. These lists are curated based on a general field of popular teas that attract the taste buds and giving everyone a simplistic option that is still personalized to their tastes.

#2 Tea Subscriptions

Number two on our tea trends is personalized subscription boxes. Every avid tea drinker’s dream, having a personalized tea box delivered to their front door. These boxes became a thing in 2015, but they have grown super popular in the last couple years for various reasons. Being able to craft your own flavors in the box that is delivered to you being the main one.

These tea companies that offer the subscription services tend to have a vast selection to choose from making sure that every tea drinker can find something that they like. However, not every company offers the personalized selection. I guess it is just select sites to share special selections, try saying that 5 times fast.

#1 On Tap

The number one tea trend of 2017 is nitro tea being on tap. Unlike the coffee trend that kept everyone bouncing off the walls with fidgety hands, nitro tea actually offers a cleaner caffeine rush that is much calmer. Just when you think you have seen it all, huh? If you are in Los Angeles, feel free to try a taste at Alfred Tea Room, or The Cafe at LeFlour in Chicago.

We hope you enjoyed these 9 tea trends that have taken 2017 by storm. We can only imagine, and wait anxiously for the tea world of 2018, and how it will show us more ways to enjoy our favorite beverage. If you know of some great tea trends that weren’t mentioned in the article, feel free to let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinions on these trends.